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1. Contact will be made through e-mail (vitoriabdalla_art@outlook) or Discord (imagitori), as selected by the commissioner through the contact form;

2. Provide clear references of the environment and/or character, if applicable;

3. Updates will be sent in the order sketch-lineart-basecolors, with 2 optional alterations at each stage. Major changes after the piece is finished will be charged separately;

4. The artist reserves the rights to post WIPs/finished pieces on their social medias and to retain credits for the commissioned artwork unless otherwise specified and upon payment of a secrecy fee;

5. Commercial distribution of the artwork is to be discussed between commissioner and the artist, requiring an agreement upon licensing fees. This includes merchandise, prin
ts or any physical/digital items;

6. Payment is to be agreed upon by commissioner and commissioned, with 50% o
f the required fee to be paid in advance and 50% upon receiving a low-quality copy of the finished artwork;

7. Payment can be sent through Paypal, direct deposit or wire transfer; 

8. A high-res, PNG copy of the artwork will be delived shortly after payment is complete. Delivery in other formats can be arranged depending on the commissioner's specific requests; 

9. Refunds will not be available after the commission is completed. Partial refunds may be available based on the amount of work done;

10. Under no circumstance will the work provided be allowed for inclusion in AI datasets, finetuning existing models or use in any other machine learning software. Distribution or reproduction of the work in this manner will result in blacklisting;

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